DAHLIA USA is pleased to provide this free information and introduce you to a startling skin care discovery. This discovery is an astonishing element provided to you by nature. That’s exciting news for anyone who prefers naturally sourced skin care products. It can be frustrating to find skin care that is both natural and effective in addressing numerous skin concerns. If you’re like so many women, you’ve been searching for products that are not laden with harsh, manufactured chemicals, yet are still capable of giving you results you can feel good about. Now what you’ve been seeking has finally been found. Beautiful skin can be achieved with this naturally occurring element.  

We’ll tell you how:  

In this report you’ll learn about a pivotal, all natural ingredient that’s capable of multiple positive effects. With the right know-how, this fantastic element can be effectively formulated into skin care products that deliver glowing, smooth skin. Whether you suffer from blemishes or wrinkles, this multifaceted ingredient works wonders. This beauty enhancer is, as we’ve said, a gift from nature and it just happens to be the filtrate from a snail. (Yes, that’s right, we did say snail.) It’s the filtrate of the Helix Aspersa Muller snail, to be exact. In fact this filtrate is especially efficient in enhancing skin beauty. Amazingly, this filtrate is composed of so many powerful skin actives all rolled into one natural skin care ingredient, it’s almost unbelievable. But then, what’s more miraculous than Mother Nature? 

Take look at the list of power player elements included in snail filtrate:

▪ Collagen ▪ Elastin ▪ Hyaluronic Acid ▪ Peptides ▪ Glycolic Acid ▪ Allantoin ▪ Antioxidants  

You may already be familiar with what these various elements do to beautify your skin, but just in case you’re not, we’ll tell you. Simply and concisely, these elements provide:  

▪ Skin cell growth stimulation ▪ Hydration ▪ Antimicrobial action ▪ Exfoliation ▪ Reduction of irritation and inflammation ▪ Promotion of wound healing.  

  These are the effects that you can anticipate with the consistent use of skin care products formulated with a high concentration of snail filtrate. It also makes sense to select products in which the filtrate has been carefully blended with other skin actives to work together synergistically. When you use such wonderful products as described the natural result is smooth, clear, radiant skin. So now you know how this natural answer to gorgeous skin works. As we said, whether your concern is blemishes or wrinkles, skin care that’s focused on snail is the solution for you. We recommend you see for yourself what these products can do to bring out the natural beauty in you. You’ll enjoy so many gorgeous benefits just by following a simple skin care regimen that’s based on these awesome natural products. So, apply what you’ve just learned in this report and take our advice. You’ll be thrilled when you look in the mirror!


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