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Stella from Cape Coral, FL- "Dahlia products used: eye cream, face cream, serum, and hand cream. Dahlia skin care products have a light floral scent. I don’t have to tug on my skin when applying it and it absorbs into my skin quickly. I had noticed that I had some tiny bumps under my left eye. But they went away within a few days after I started using the eye cream. I also have very sensitive skin, but I did not experience any problems with the Dahlia products. Because the products are not greasy, they don’t cause any problems with my make-up. My skin looks super hydrated and healthy." Renee from Charlestown, NH "I've been using it for a week (Serum) now and have seen a dramatic difference in just that small time. I use it before bed, the fragance is natural getting used to but I love how it makes my skin feel tight when it dries. My acne is cleared up and using it reg event around that time of the month I see a big difference in break outs. My skin looks clear, vibrante, youthful, and dewy. Almost like the serum puts the elasticity back into my skin. Ty so much for letting me try this product I've been sharing it with friends and family they all love it." Megan from Russells Point, OH- "Since receiving my Dahlia eye contour I've noticed a difference in the fine lines and dark circles under my eyes, they are less intense with smoother skin. Thank you so much! Joyce from Orange, VA- "I must say that I had never heard of this product before trying it. This product is amazing. The cream has left my eyes feeling very hydrated and has reduced the look of my wrinkles. My eyes seem very soft. It is very creamy and easy to apply. I definitely will be using this product everyday with my skincare routine. This product is working great for me and I definitely recommend it to others. Dahlia eye contour hydrates and smooths the delicate eye area. This product is specifically designed to address the lack of naturally secreted sebum in the eye area." Lynda West Warwick, RI - "I'm very pleased! It's a very nice feeling product. It doesn't interfere with my eye makeup. I do have concerns about fine lines and my eyes have looked not line free but fresh and hydrated, better. I'm perfectly happy with the results. I'm very happy and recommend this to anyone looking for a non-greasy, effective and pleasant eye contour cream."